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String Utils

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This package provides easy to use string utility functions that provide more functionality above and beyond normal string functions. These functions can be imported individually, without instantiation.


To install this package you can simply use the install command below.

$ npm i --save skaleb-string-utils


reverse(string) reverses and returns the given string.

import { reverse } from './index'

// gnirts emos
return reverse('some string')

capitalCase(string) capitalizes each individual word in a given string and returns the new string.

import { capitalCase } from './index'

// Some Or Other String
return capitalCase('some or other string')

camelCase(string) converts the given string to camelCaseFormat and returns it.

import { camelCase } from './index'

// thisIsNowCamelCase
return camelCase('This is now camel case')

toBinary(string, ?deliminate) converts the given string or sentence into binary code. This by default is returned as a single string however the response can be set to be deliminated.

import { toBinary } from './index'
import { Delimination } from './enums/Delimination'

// No delimination
// 1110011110111111011011100101100000110001011010011101110110000111100101111001
return toBinary('some binary')

// Space deliminated
// 1110011 1101111 1101101 1100101 100000 1100010 1101001 1101110 1100001 1110010 1111001
return toBinary('some binary', Delimination.SPACES)

// Retain original delimination
// 1110011110111111011011100101 110001011010011101110110000111100101111001
return toBinary('some binary', Delimination.ORIGINAL)

toHexadecimal(string, ?deliminate) converts the given string or sentence into hexadecimal. This be default is returned as a single string however the response can be set to be deliminated.

import { toHexadecimal } from './index'
import { Delimination } from './enums/Delimination'

// No delimination
// 68657861646563696d616c
return toHexadecimal('hexadecimal')

// Space deliminated
// 73 6f 6d 65 20 68 65 78 61 64 65 63 69 6d 61 6c
return toHexadecimal('some hexadecimal', Delimination.SPACES)

// Retain original delimination
// 736f6d65 68657861646563696d616c
return toHexadecimal('some hexadecimal', Delimination.ORIGINAL)


This project is completely covered by unit tests. Various cases have been accounted for both in the codebase and in the tests covering it. If a bug is picked up regarding the test suite or code, feel free to make a contribution to help correct the bug.

To run the tests, you can simply run the following test command/s.

$ npm run lint
$ npm run test
$ npm run coverage


Feedback and contributions are more than welcome. Should you feel there is something you wish to contribute to this paginator, feel free to make a merge request. Ensure that whatever proposed change, has tests covering various cases for the change.

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