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Creating great single-page apps with HTML5 & CSS3 should not really be hard, so this project tries to make it simpler.

Key features of this package are:

  • Teams: Break the the app into many html fragments to make team development easier.
  • HTML5Boilerplate: Our default templates incorporate the latest & greatest boilerplate.
  • RequireJS: Teams can (optionally) use Asynchronous Module Definition to organize their JavaScript.
  • Change Detection: The site-manager watches the file system for changes and automatically reloads a site when a change is detected.
  • Manifest Generation: The site-manager is creating a html5 manifest on the the fly and regenerates it as needed.
  • HTML/JS/CSS Compression: not implemented yet

Getting Started

Install nodejs navigate to: and click Download. Once you've downloaded scroll down to the Build section to see how to configure and use it.

Install npm navigate to:

From the site-manager directory install nodejs dependencies: npm install -d

Run the server with example sites: node server.js /path/to/site-manager/examples

To enable debugging add environment variable: NODE_DEBUG=site-manager

Developing with the Site Manager


Install jake: npm install -g jake

Note that Jake is a system-level tool, and wants to be installed globally.

To execute tests execute: jake test


View the LICENSE file.