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sioux Segue

More info from sioux:

npm install sioux-segue

Push and modal segue for sioux. The push type will perform a right to left wind and a left to right unwind. The modal type will animate a window from the bottom when winding, and back when unwinding.


var Segue = require('sioux-segue');
var segue = new Segue(document.querySelector('.foo'), 'push');
// first argument: the element segue is performed on 
// second argument: the type of segue  


<div class="screen">
  <div class="ui-window foo"></div>


  • state: WINDED or UNWINDED
  • available: false if it is animating
  • DURATION: the duration of the transition
  • type: the type of the segue, push or modal


.wind(contentFn, callback)

The contentFn is a function which has to return a DOM node or node list, that will be inserted into the appearing window. The callback function will be called when the animation finished.

.unwind(contentFn, callback)

In the push type same as the wind method but this will slide to the right. If the segue is modal there is no contentFn argument just a callback.

.init(contentFn, callback)

Loads content to segue for the first time.