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synchronous require for browsers


combine modules into single js for browser running

If you use nodejs, you already know how to export and require modules.

Only you need to learn is how to combine these modules using singlejs.

Install singlejs by npm

$ npm install -g single

File structs

├── lib/
│   └── tool.js
├── index.html
├── index.js
└── [others.js]


exports.square = function(num) {
    return num * num;


var tool = require('./lib/tool');
exports.test = function() {
    console.log('success: 2*2 = ' + tool.square(2));

Combine it!

$ singlec index.js lib/*.js -o script.js

Use the combined js in html index.html

<script src="script.js"></script>
    var index = require('index');
    index.test(); //log 'success'

    //require('others'); //other page use
    //require('lib/tool'); //tool.js is also available
  • CommonJS Modules/1.1.1 Spec implemented
  • Watch mode(real-time update when files changed
  • Build in compress(use UglifyJS
  • Asterisker path support(eg. { "path": "lib/*.js", "alias": "*" }
  • Really light weight
  • and...?
Usage: singlec [options] [ -o script.js ] files.js..
   or: singlec [options] [ -o script.js ] -i single.json

  -o, --outfile <file> place output in file
  -i, --input <file>   define options and module list in a json
                       default use single.json as input if exist
  -w, --watch          watch mode
  -x, --compress       compress with UglifyJS
  --charset <string>   file\'s charset, default utf8

  -v, --version        print version
  -h, --help           print help'



  "outfile" : "script.js",
  "compress": true,
  "charset" : "utf8",
  "watch"   : true,
  "modules" : [
    { "path": "lib/jquery-1.8.2-min.js", "alias": "jquery", "compress": false },
    { "path": "lib/underscore.js"},
    { "path": "page/*.js", "alias": "page-*"}

run $ singlec

  • combine and export main module as a normal script(eg. singlec deps/*.js util.js --main util -o util.js
  • input file reloader

See LICENSE file.

Copyright (c) 2012 rhyzx