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Simple bidirectional JSON message channels using net sockets as object streams


Simple bidirectional JSON message channels using net sockets.

Via npm on Node:

npm install simplemessages

Reference it from your program:

var simplemessages = require('simplemessages');

Server side

var server = simplemessages.createServer(function(channel) {
    channel.on('message', function(msg) {
        // each message process here 

Sending a message (any Javascript value that can be processed by JSON.stringify


Client side, you specify port, host and, optionally, a callback on connect event:

var client = simplemessages.createClient(port, host, function() {
    // code to run at connect event 
    client.write({ name: "my message" });
    // use client.write(msg) to send a message to the server  
    // when done, close the client channel 

Alternatively, you can use a socket, and listen on it for connect event.

var socket = net.connect(port, host);
var client = simplemessages.createClient(socket);
// Launch on socket connect 
socket.on('connect', function() {
    client.write({ name: "my message" });
    // use client.write(msg) to send a message to the server 
    // when done, close the client channel 
git clone git://
cd SimpleMessages
npm install
npm test
  • Broadcast Broadcast messages to all connected client.
  • 0.0.1: Published
  • 0.0.2: Published
  • 0.0.3: Published. Refactored to use ObjectStream
  • 0.0.4: Published. It uses ObjectStream 0.0.2
  • 0.0.5: Published. Engine range updated. It uses ObjectStream 0.0.3
  • 0.0.6: Published. Using ObjectStream 0.0.4

Feel free to file issues and submit pull requests � contributions are welcome.

If you submit a pull request, please be sure to add or update corresponding test cases, and ensure that npm test continues to pass.

(Thanks to JSON5 by aseemk. This file is based on that project