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    SimpleDbLayer is the MongoDB layer for simpledblayer It provides an incredibly fast mplementation of joins, by caching results in the records themselves. So, to fetch a person's record, along with her email addresses, addresses, and phone number, it's actually just one read DB operation (!) thanks to the aggressive caching happening (all children data is kept with the record).

    The MongoDB layer deals with:

    • Update related collections when a collection is changed. This means that each record's cache is always up to date: if you update an email address, the affected contacts' cache is also updated (deletions, updates, inserts)
    • Re-work records marked as "dirty". If you change the schema for a collection, you will need to mark as "dirty" all of the records in related tables, since they will contain outdated information)

    If a record is "dirty", the cache will be re-generated on the fly whenever a record is fetched.


    Unfortunately, doing a mass-update on a table with children in a 1:n relationship is not allowed because of MongoDB bug #1243, which prevents multuple update in cache from working (the $ positional operator won't work for sub-arrays).


    npm i simpledblayer-mongo

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