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Node.js client for simple redis (free redis instances).


Get your free redis instance from SIMPLE:REDIS in node.js! This is not for production use, mostly for testing. Please go to to learn more and request your first instance to confirm your email.

npm install simple_redis
var simple = require("simple_redis");
// request instance 
simple.request("", {connect_timeout: 1000}, function(error, client, info) {
    if (error) {
        throw error;
    // do what you need 
    client.set("pi", Math.PI);
    // terminate instance when you're done 
  • Requiring
var simple = require("simple_redis");
  • Requesting instance
simple.request(email, redis_client_options, callback);
simple.request(email, callback);

You will receive error (error if any), client (redis client) and info (object with redis info) in callback.

  • Terminating instance
simple.terminate(id, callback);

Callback is optional, id is from third argument of simple.request.