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good for extracting xml values from small sized xml data

simple xml parser

More of an extractor than a parser. This library should only be used on small xml data, that is expected to be mostly well formed. It should be very fast for this niche. Please note that data is extracted only once (no arrays and such) and in the order it was declared


var xml = '<x>x</x><m>m</m><l>l</l>';
var SimpleXmlParser = require('simple-xml-parser');
var parser = SimpleXmlParser.create(['x', 'm', 'l']);
parser.on('done', function(result, raw) {
    //raw === xml
    // prints: 
    // x
    // m
    // l
parser.on('error', function(element, msg, data) {
    // data === xml

or directly from http request

var elementsData = SimpleXmlParser.createTargetElementsFromNames(['x', 'm', 'l']);
http.createServer(function(request, response) {
    var parser = new SimpleXmlParser(elementsData);
    parser.on('done', function(result, raw) {
    parser.on('error', function(element, msg, data) {
}).... etc