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Simple RTR

A simple but complete implementation of Refresh Token Rotation, with no platform dependencies for maximum flexibility. The recommended implementations of each dependency are marked as peer dependencies but you're welcome to use your own storage and time implementations


Simply call the function like so

import { localStorageVar } from 'localstorage-var'
import { toAsync } from '@lbfalvy/mini-events'
import { rtrAgent } from 'simple-rtr'
import { time } from "mockable-timer";

const rtr = rtrAgent({
	renewOnTtl: 60, // Renew a minute before expiry
	lockExpiry: 5, // Wait 5 seconds on network error
	storage: toAsync(localStorageVar('auth-data'), undefined),
	time: time,
	refresh: async refresh => { // Example implementation
		const data = await fetch('/api/refresh', {
			method: 'POST',
			body: refresh
		if (data.ok) return await data.json()
		if (data.status == 401) return 'invalid'
		throw new Error(`HTTP error ${response.status}`)

given the above code, you can manage sessions like so

await rtr.setPair(myTokens) // Log in
await rtr.setPair(undefined) // Log out
rtr.session.changed(tokenVar => {
	if (tokenVar) {
		// Logged in
		const token = tokenVar.get() // Obtain a fresh access token
		tokenVar.changed(token => {
			// access token refreshed
	} else {
		// Logged out

You can force a token refresh if for whatever reason you deem necessary (for example, if you want to check with the server that the session is still valid). This will throw if the refresh fails. It will both throw and schedule a retry if the refresh fails due to an error other than an invalid token.

await rtr.forceRefresh()

The TokenPair structure which is passed to setPair and returned by refresh is defined like this:

interface TokenPair {
    auth: string
    refresh: string


Currently the library does not use a backoff strategy, which means that in absence of internet connection it will keep retrying at a constant rate as specified in the lockExpiry option. This isn't a huge deal, especially since it's only done once per website and not once per page, but it's something to think of.




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