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Ever wanted to add e.g. some workers to a simple Pool, doing a simple distributing/loadbalancing? there are great modules like generic-pool out there if you want do a real loadbalancing and pooling.

If you just need a simple distribution solution, simple-pool is exactly what you want!

Getting Started

$ npm install simple-pool

require it in your code, and use it:

var SimplePool = require('simple-pool');
var pool = new SimplePool([x, y, z]);


see the examples-directory!


api-docs: (open doc/index.html in your browser)

Include it in your Code

var SimplePool = require('simple-pool');

Create a new Pool

With an Array as Argument

var pool = new SimplePool([x, y, z]);

With as much Arguments as you want

var pool = new SimplePool(x, y, z);

Add more to your Pool

Add it to the End of your Pool


Add it add the given Position of your Pool

pool.add(a, 2);

hint: if the Position is missing, it will add it to the End

Remove from your Pool


Get From the Pool

Get Roundrobin

pool.get(); // returns the first Object 
pool.get(); // returns the second Object 

Get a Object by Chance



In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using Grunt

Release History

  • 0.1.1 add all()-method

  • 0.1.0 Initial Release


  • Bastian "hereandnow" Behrens


Copyright (c) 2013 Valiton GmbH Licensed under the MIT license.