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A Simple HTTP Server for NodeJS similar to Pythons SimpleHTTPServer


Installation via npm. If you don't have npm yet:

curl | sh

Once npm is installed:


[sudo] npm install simple-http-server-lc -g

This will install simple-http-server-lc globaly so it can be used in any project


npm install simple-http-server-lc


simple-http-server [port] [path] [options]

[port] defaults to 8080

[path] defaults to the current directory


simple-http-server 3000 './public' -c 10 -v true

This will start a server on port 3000 and serve up files only in the public folder and verbose is turned on


-c Defaults to 3600 Seconds (1 hour).Allows you to set the cache time in seconds. For example -c 3600 will set the cache-control max-age header to 1 hour.

-v Defaults to true. Allows you to set whether all requested files should be output to the console. Useful for tracking files that are coming up with 404 errors. Values can be true or false. For example -v false will turn verbose off