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Angular Components for SigPlot

This package contains Angular Components that integrate with SigPlot by way of sigplot-ts.


To install this library, run:

$ npm install sigplot-ng --save


In an Angular module where you would like to use the components, import the module:

// Import the library
import { SigPlotComponentsModule } from 'sigplot-ng';
  imports: [
    // ...other imports
export class YourModule {}

You will then have access to the components, directives, etc. defined in this module.

Available Components

The current list of components is described in the following table.

Name Selector Description
LineComponent sigplot-line A 1D line plot suitable for signals, FFTs, etc.
RasterComponent sigplot-raster A 2D (falling) raster plot (a.k.a., waterfall)

Each of these components inherits from the BaseSigPlot Component, which provides basic data ingress and X-Axis controls as well as the instantiation of the associated plot controller class from sigplot-ts.

Please see the associated documentation (in docs) for more details on usage and parameterization.