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This plugin is designed to receive data from a SX1262 LoRa module.

The plugin has been developped for SX1262 LoRa Hat for Raspberry Pi.

This plugin can be downloaded via the SignalK application.

WARNING In order to properly use this plugin you need to have another Raspberry Pi equiped with the SX1262 LoRa module and the plugin signalk-raspberry-pi-sx1262-tx.

WARNING The SX1262 and this plugin is NOT compatible with LoRaWAN. However, it is ideal if you need high frequency LoRa messages with heavy payload.

Some examples of possible uses are found below:

  • Receiving telemetry from your boat at the distance up to 2km without internet,
  • Receiving critical alarms,
  • or receiving any field values of your choice such as, position, water temperature, wind speed, etc.

Getting Started

You will need a raspberry pi with SignalK installed along with a SX1262 LoRa hat to used it.

The SX1262 LoRa hat

I am using the SX1262 LoRa HAT found at the following link on waveshare. However there are other distributors to pick from.


The datasheet and valuable information are available here:

Connecting the SX1262 LoRa hat

All you need here is place correctly the hat at the top of the Raspberry Pi. However, WARNING, you need to remove the M0 and M1 jumpers and place the COMM jumbers in position "B" as shown in figure below.


Plugin configuration

Install the plugin in signalk app store. After installation, restart the SignalK server. Go to Server and then Plugin Config.

The following parameters can be configured:

  • The receiving rate of the LoRa messages in seconds.
  • The SignalK path where you want to store the message in the SignalK server.


  • Jean-David Caprace - Author of this plugin

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