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    SignalK Plugin to provide MCS functionality to SignalK

    The Plugin only works on Raspberry OS Jessy / Buster!!

    Attention: the postinstall.js scripts need sudo privilegs!


    This package install all dependencies, modules and dt-overlays to provide the fully avalability of the MCS board in SignalK.
    This package only works on a Raspberry Pi with a wired GeDaD MCS (Marine Controll Server).

    Be careful. The postinstallationscript works with sudo acess!

    How to install:

    Install the SignalK_raspberry_MCS Plugin in the Signalk Appstore.
    After the Installation:

    1. Run the postinstallscript:
    sudo node $HOME/.signalk/node_modules/signalk-raspberry-mcs/postinstall.js

    (This script add the dt-overlays for CAN and NMEA0183 to the config.txt, adds the modules and installs and enable the 1-wire service and the autoshutdown service)

    1. Restart your Pi!!!

    => After this steps you can use the signalK Plugin.

    How to use (Plugin)

    Plugin overview:


    After this all should work.. ;-)

    How to use serial interfaces (NMEA0183)

    All 6 serial interfaces should now be available in the connection tab. You find them under "Input Type" NMEA0183 , "MMEA0183Source" Serial.
    You can use each interface as "Input" or "Output"


    How to use CAN (NMEA2000) interface

    You can Setup the caninterface directly in the connections


    How to use 1-wire (DS18B20 temp sensors

    You can use more then one sensor on the 1-wire line (see Manual MCS-Board)
    CLick on the add Button. Then you can define the Values of your Sensor. You can use a Sensor (Sensor ID) more then once to assign the value to more then one delta. But do not use a delta more then once!


    Fully configurated Sensor:


    Data output:


    The sample rate should be not less then "number of sensors" x 1s = "sample rate"

    Since the V 1.0.7 there is an additional option for "Offsets" of the DS18B20 Sensors. If you update the Plugin you must add a number like 0, else you get an error.

    The "offstes" is sum to the incomming temperature value. Means if you get a 12,2°C from the Sensor and you set an offset of -1.25 you get an result of 10,95°C.

    How to use a digital input (IN1-IN4) for seatalk1 reading

    Since the Seatalk1 GPIO reading is implimented in SignalK, you can use the inputs for ST1 reading.
    Follow the guidline in the Seatalk(GPIO).md
    The "Hardware and software install part you can ignore, because it´s done on the MCS board and on the install process. Only connect the yellow wire to one of the 4 inputs.
    The IN1-IN4 inputs are assignet as follows:

    MCS Input GPIO
    In1 GPIO19
    In2 GPIO16
    In3 GPIO26
    In4 GPIO20

    How to use a digital input (IN1-IN4) for state and frequency reading

    You can connect different Sensors to the IN1-IN4 as for example a switch, a bilge float or you can read fruequency with it such as Terminal W of your alternator or a sensor on the crankshaft. The kind of the Sensor is defined by the SignalK delta. If you use a delta for a state, it is handle as a state. If you use a delta for rpm,m/s or something else it is defined as a frequency.
    Here you see an example for rpm measurment and the Engine state:

    If you not directly measure the true frequency like a alternator with a ratio or a paddle wheel, you can define a multiplier. So if you get a frequency of:
    (for info: 1000rpm/60=frequency => 16,6Hz) Your Engine rotates with a speed of 1000rpm (16,6Hz) and the Delta shows you 33,2Hz => you must use a multipier of 0.5

    Further example: You want to measure your boat speed with a paddle wheel. If your paddle wheel creates 6 pulses at 1m/s boat speed you have to use a multiplier of 1/6 => 0.166 Then you get directly m/s.


    Don´t forget to save the plugin settings after changes. ;-)


    ✓ Add plugin intigration for speed (Hz) measurement through In1-In4
    ✓ Add plugin intigration for switch states (Sensors etc.) from the IN1-IN4 to map to delta´s

    • add further 1-wire sensors
    • add support for aditional hardware for the MCS


    -1.0.6: Fix issue in readinputs if the inputs are empty. Fix childprocess kill in index after restart of the Plugin
    -1.0.7: Add support for temperature offset of 1-wire devices / Bug fix in readinputs when no input is set.


    npm i signalk-raspberry-mcs

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