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Signal Exchange

WebRTC signal exchange by public key.

npm install signal-exchange

Signal exchange uses ECDH public keys as identifiers in the exchange. This means that peers can "call" each other using public keys and encrypt the offer messages through the exchange.

const SimplePeer = require('simple-peer')
const signalExchange = require('signal-exchange')
const sodi = require('sodi')
// Generate keypairs w/ sodi. 
let user1 = sodi.generate()
let user2 = sodi.generate()
let send1 = signalExchange(user1, signal => {
let send2 = signalExchange(user2, signal => {
  var peer2 = new SimplePeer({trickle:false}))
  peer2.once('signal', offer => {
    send2(signal.from, signal.offer)
let peer1 = new SimplePeer({initiator:true, trickle:false})
peer1.once('signal', offer => {
  send1(user2.publicKey, offer) // Send offer to peer2 through exchange 

signalExchange([url], privateKey, publicKey, onOffer)

Returns a send function.

  • url (optional) The url of the peer exchange. Defaults to wss:// a public exchange hosted on zeit.
  • privateKey (required) hex encoded private key.
  • publicKey (required) hex encoded public key.
  • onOffer (required) function handler for signals sent to your public key


  • signal Object
    • to hex encoded public key.
    • from hex encoded public key.
    • offer decrypted offer object, can be passed directly to SimplePeer.

send(publicKey, offer)

  • publicKey (required) hex encoded public key.
  • offer (required) offer object from SimplePeer.