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    Sign Teller

    Sign Teller is a library that provides information about zodiac signs. Ever need to wish a friend happy birthday with their zodiac sign, say Happy Birthday, Gemini? then you need sign-teller.

    Getting Started

    To use sign-teller in your application as a dependency:

    • yarn add sign-teller or npm install sign-teller
    • Require (using CommonJS or ES6 modules) it in your application
    • See the Usage section below


    Sign Teller depends on a few pre-requisites:


    tellSign is a standalone utility library wrapped in a simple function and this function is also the library's main entry point. Below is a demonstration of how to use this library

      const tellSign = require('sign-teller'); // import signTeller from 'sign-teller' if you use ES6 modules
      const dateOfBirth = { day: 4, month: 7 }
      const signDetails = tellSign(dateOfBirth);
      console.log(`Happy birthday, ${signDetails.sign}!`);


    • tellSign(birthDate: { day: number, month: number }, type: string): Object
      • birthDate must be an object with a day and month properties, signifying the birthday and the birth month respectively
      • type is 'sidereal' by default. Set it to 'tropical` if you want a zodiac interpretation based on the tropical calendar
      • Returns an object containing the following properties:
        • from: string // the lower date interval of the sign
        • to: string // the upper date interval of the sign
        • sign: string // the name of the sign
        • facts: Array
        • elements: string // sign's element for e.g. fire
        • luckyGem: string // Lucky gem for this sign. E.g. Topaz

    Running the tests

    • Run test by using yarn test


    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


    Certain zodiac information was curated from the following sites:


    npm i sign-teller

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