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A serialization library that can handle functions, promises and symbols too.

In general arbitrary functions/promises/symbols can't be transferred between workers/processes/VMs, but this library enables you to do the next best thing: by having the two execution contexts communicate with each other you can write code as if functions/promises/symbols got actually transferred between them.

Check out siero-worker for an opinionated way to spawn a worker that you can talk to via Siero.


  • Symbols that are created independently in two realms, without Symbol.for, won't be equal to each other.
  • Symbol properties are only preserved if attached to plain objects.
  • Arbitrary custom properties are also only preserved if attached to plain objects.
  • Prevent-extension/sealed/frozen flags are also only preserved for plain objects.
  • Custom configurable/enumerable/writable flags for properties are not preserved at all.
  • Getter/setter properties are not preserved as functions, they will instead be resolved.
  • For error objects only the name, message, stack, cause and errors properties are preserved.
  • The specific type of function constructor (regular, arrow, async etc.) is not preserved.
  • Deserialized functions will always return a Promise, even if the original function didn't.
  • Generators and async generators are not currently serializable.


npm install --save siero

Supported Types

Primitives Boxed Primitives Errors Typed Arrays Others
BigInt BigInt Error BigInt64Array Array
Boolean Boolean EvalError BigUint64Array ArrayBuffer
Null Number RangeError Float32Array DataView
Number String ReferenceError Float64Array Date
String Symbol SyntaxError Int8Array Function
Symbol TypeError Int16Array Promise
Undefined URIError Int32Array RegExp
AggregateError Uint8Array Map
Uint16Array Set
Uint32Array PlainObject


import {serialize, deserialize} from 'siero';

// Let's serialize a supported value

const value = { whatever: 123 }; // Any supported value
const serialized = serialize ( value );

// Let's deserialize it

const deserialized = deserialize ( serialized );


MIT © Fabio Spampinato

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