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Sidekick - your code, made perfect.


We need git to be installed on your machine.


npm i sidekick -g


Sidekick does not ship with any analysers, so you will need to install them. Its really easy to do:

sidekick analysers --install

You can check that your system is configured correctly:

sidekick config

If git is not available on your path, then you will need to tell us where it has been installed to:

sidekick config --git=/some/path/to/git


You can run Sidekick on your CI server:

sidekick run --ci

This will install all the analysers that are needed, run them against your code and optionally fail the build.

Travis integration

sidekick run --travis

Will analyse just the changes that prompted the travis build. This is great for analysing Pull Requests with just 2 lines of config!

You can run Sidekick against code on your machine:

cd your/repo
sidekick run


sidekick run path/to/your/repo

This will evaluate the working copy of the repo's code on your machine.

You can use --compare and --versus cli arguments to compare your working copy with other local or remote branches.

You can configure how sidekick analyses your files

By default, we look at the contents of your repo and run analysers that we think will be useful, e.g. if we find JavaScript files, we will run a JavaScript TODO/FIXME finder, if we find a package.json file, we will run our david-dm analyser on your dependencies..

You can add a .sidekickrc file to your repo to tell us what analysers you would like to run, and which ones can fail the build. To create a default .sidekickrc file:

sidekick init

Git push integration and GUI

Sidekick also has a git pre-push hook and a GUI that helps you fix your issues before they are pushed to a remote repo.

This GUI is in beta at the moment. Please go to our web site to sign up for the beta.

If you want to get support then we have a chat room. If you want to raise issues then you can do so here.

Thanks for trying Sidekick.

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