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A Shit alternative to Grunt, hence Shunt

Shunt works on files to combine, minify and replace strings etc. What gets spat out is nicely packed for production.


npm install shunt --save-dev

Example (Gruntless)

Write a build.js script, this is where you sort the shit out. Here's an example...

// Include the library
var shunt = require('shunt');

// Start Shunting
	// Files to shunt `target:file(s)`
		// Minify and shunt a single file
		'output.min.js' : 'input.js',

		// Create a combined minified file
		'combine.min.js' : ['input1.js', 'input2.js'],

		// Create an MarkDown file from an HTML file
		'' : 'input.html',

		// Move an HTML file
		'output.html' : 'input.html'

		replace : {
			// replace all local environment strings with development paths e.g. {find => replace, ... }
			'http://localhost/' : ''

Then run it node build.js, got it? Boom!

Example (Gruntful)

Shunt also doubles as a plugin for Grunt, a la shizame...

shunt : {
	// Slightly different structure

	// Task's
	subtask :{
		// shunt files, as above
	// [, subtask2 : {} [, etc...]];

	// options
	options : {
		// e.g. replace

Magic shit

Moving an html file to a new place, also grabs relative files links to .css and .js files and moves them too (by default they also get minified, again Boom!).

	'bin/index.html' : 'src/index.html'


Not unique to this project but here's how i automate the build process in Sublime Text 2.

After creating a script like build.js above (actually i prefix with a underscore to make it different, e.g. _build.js, do this, it'll sit nicely at the top of your file lists!)

In Sublime Text 2 go to "Tools" -> "Build System" -> "New Build System..."

Paste the following code

	"cmd": ["node", "${file_path:${folder}}/_build.js", "$file_path"],
	"working_dir" : "${file_path:${folder}}"

Save with a memorable name e.g. "build.js", aka "build.js.sublime-build". Then go back into "Tools" -> "Build System" and select it.

Now from the directory where it is installed type, Ctrl + B ... you should see some action.


Yeah go on, it'll make you feel good about yourself.