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    Imagishrimp's Vue Component Emporium

    To follow the links in this file, you should go to the github repo


    npm i -S shrimp-vue-components

    Table of Contents

    1. bigTools
      1. firebaseAdminPanel - Very powerful tool that let's you manage your firebase database very easily. Has a ton of customization potential with custom delegates and what not.
    2. image
      1. imageGrid - A simple image grid with a fileDropper.
    3. input
      1. autoform - Quick customizable automatic form building. Can be extended.
      2. boolean - Input switch (on or off).
      3. combobox - Dropdown menu.
      4. date - Date selector.
      5. file - File(s) selector.
      6. json - Self explanatory.
      7. markdown - Mark down editor.
      8. number - Self explanatory.
      9. readOnly - Just shows a value that cannot be edited. Good for when you want to show something on the form that is a result of other parameters.
      10. textLine - Single line text input.
      11. textLineAutoComplete - Perhaps should be called a dictionary selector. Allows selection from a key value pair object with customization on what to show & what to match on.
      12. textParagraph - Self explanatory.
      13. textPassword - Self explanatory.
    4. layout
      1. dialog - Highly customizable Dialog generator.
      2. modal - Simple modal with multiple animation options.
      3. popover - Simple popover.
      4. tabView - Simple tabview that makes use of vue's slots.
      5. virtualList - Forked from vue-virtual-scroll-list. Used to increase performance of giant lists. Only renders a select portion.
      6. dataTable - Forked & improved from vue-materialize-datatable. Uses virtualList behind the scenes to provide a very performant experience while going through big data.
    5. misc
      1. animator - Simple tool to animate absolutely positioned elements.
      2. collapsible - Allows for collapsing & expanding content by clicking on a custom header.
      3. fileDropper - Filedropper / selector. Accepts filters.
      4. functions - Useful collection of functions. Mostly used by this library itself.
    6. vuePlugins
      1. toasts - Easily create & dismiss toasts. Customizable.
      2. cms - A framework for content managment. Powerful and customizable. In place as well as popup component support.
      3. firebaseAuthentication - Easily configure authentication for your firebase instances.

    Running examples & demo

    # install dependencies
    git clone
    # cd to cloned folder and
    npm run dev




    npm i shrimp-vue-components

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