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  • A mini Node.js module to generate short, alpha-number, undecryptable and unique hash id from a long string (utf8 format).
  • Use shorthash when you want to encrypt a string like a movie name or a people name to a short, unique and url friendly id.
  • so with shorthash, you can build an id-string map, instead of quering the id from db each time, you just calculate the id out on the fly.
  • it's quite convenient in many conditions if you want to build a site like 书本画, a book search engine in China.


less's more, no options, just unique the string.

var sh = require("shorthash");
// you will get: Z1bL2tE 
console.log(sh.unique('my name is really big big and big...'));
// you will get: Z1TirWS 
// you will get: 2r6EFF 
// you will get: 33NM