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    A lightweight, caching wrapper for the ShopStyle API. Note that while originally anticipated for node only, this lib has now been used in browser, so if you try it in browser and have any problems, please open an issue so it can be addressed.

    npm install --save shopstyle-sdk

    To use:

    const ShopStyle = require('shopstyle-sdk');
    // Create a shopstyle object using a 'test' api key.
    const shopstyle = new ShopStyle('test');
    shopstyle.product(359131344).then(result => console.log(;
    > Matthew Williamson Jungle Whispers Gown
    // passing arguments to the api
    const options = {
      fts: 'red dress',
      offset: 2,
      limit: 1,
      fl: ['b171', 'b28080', 'c7', 'd0', 'p31:40', 's85', 's87', 's89', 't0'],
      sort: 'PriceLoHi',
    shopstyle.products(options).then(response => console.log(response));
    > { metadata:
       { offset: 2,
         limit: 1,
         total: 4,
          { id: 'dresses',
            name: 'Dresses',
            shortName: 'Dresses',


    // override the default 12 hour cache to a one hour cache:
    const shopstyle = new ShopStyle('test', 'US', { stdTTL: 3600});
    // disable the cache
    const shopstyle = new ShopStyle('test', 'US', false);

    Selecting a locale:

    const shopstyle = new ShopStyle('test', 'JP');
    shopstyle.categories({ depth: 1 })
      .then(result => console.log(result.categories[0].name));
    > レディース ファッション

    The sdk defaults to the US locale. You can instantiate the ShopStyle object with another supported locale. See the official ShopsStyle API documentation for details on using the API.


    shopstyle-sdk uses node-cache to cache results from the api. The default ttl is twelve hours. All options for configuring the cache can be passed through to node-cache. The cache can also be disabled by passing false as the cache options during construction of the ShopStyle object.

    Supported Locales:

    The locale can be selected when constructing the ShopStyle object. The following locales are supported:

    • Australia (AU)
    • Canada (CA)
    • France (FR)
    • Germany (DE)
    • Japan (JP)
    • United Kingdom (UK)
    • United States (US)

    Node Support:

    This library uses features of node 6+. For support on older versions see Shopsense API nodejs client


    npm i shopstyle-sdk

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