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This library provides support for TypeScript/JavaScript Shopify apps to access the Shopify Admin API, by making it easier to perform the following actions:

  • Creating online or offline access tokens for the Admin API via OAuth
  • Making requests to the REST API
  • Making requests to the GraphQL API
  • Register/process webhooks

Once your app has access to the Admin API, you can also access the Shopify Storefront API to run GraphQL queries using the unauthenticated_* access scopes.

This library can be used in any application that has a Node.js backend, since it doesn't rely on any specific framework—you can include it alongside your preferred stack and only use the features that you need to build your app.


To follow these usage guides, you will need to:

  • have a basic understanding of Node.js
  • have a Shopify Partner account and development store
  • OR have a test store where you can create a private app
  • have a private or custom app already set up in your test store or partner account
  • use ngrok, in order to create a secure tunnel to your app running on your localhost
  • add the ngrok URL and the appropriate redirect for your OAuth callback route to your app settings
  • have yarn installed

Getting started

You can follow our getting started guide, which will provide instructions on how to create an app using plain Node.js code, or the Express framework. Both examples are written in Typescript.


npm i shopify-typed-node-api

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