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A VR Website Builder

To run on your local machine

  • Install module npm install sherpa-ui
  • cd into repository cd sherpaUI
  • install dependencies npm install
  • run the app npm start

Sherpa-UI allows you to rapidly create engaging experiences in VR that emulate traditional web-browsing with ReactVR.

Built with React.JS and Electron, SherpaUI is for developers and non-developers alike.

ReactVR provides a 3D 'sphere' in which a camera is placed at the very center, and allows for a 360° x 360° field of view. Shepra-UI streamlines development in this environment by splitting the spehre into four equal sections. Text that you enter in the input fields on the right will show up in the VR image after clicking 'Update'.


  1. Upload your own equirectangular panoramic images.
  2. Add custom text content into the 3D environment.
  3. Navigation UI between four distinct 'panes'.
  4. Preview how your project will look online before you deploy.
  5. Bundle and export your completed project with a button click.

To open new image, click on 'change image' thumbnail in left column

To build ReactVR project and export to desktop, click 'Publish Project'


Aaron Goldsmith | Alyssa Gaudioso | Josh Wolters