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Asynchronous shell-like functions using Node.js fs API



All commands are async and take an optional callback in the last argument. If omitted, the default callback will log the results to the console (useful for interactive usage). Available commands:

  • cat(paths[, cb]): read files using fs.readFile() as text, concatenate together in order
  • readlink(path[, cb]): read symbolic link target using fs.readlink()
  • chmod(path, mode[, cb]): change file mode permission using fs.chmod()
  • chown(path, uid, gid[, cb]): change file ownership permission using fs.chown()
  • pwd(): returns the current value of process.env.PWD
  • cd([path, [, cb]]): sets the process.env.PWD working directory variable to path if it exists, or process.env.HOME if undefined
  • ls(path[, cb]): list directory contents using fs.readdir()
  • mv(oldPath, newPath[, cb]): rename file using fs.rename()
  • rmdir(path[, cb]): remove directory using fs.rmdir()
  • mkdir(path[, mode][, cb]): create a directory using fs.mkdir()
  • stat(path[, cb]): read file statistics using fs.lstat()
  • ln(path, target[, cb): create a symbolic link using fs.symlink()
  • rm(path[, cb]): remove a file using fs.unlink()

All paths can either be absolute if starting with '/', or are otherwise relative to process.env.PWD. The process working directory (as set by process.chdir()) is not used by this module, only process.env.PWD.

By default, the global object is extended, for convenience. Alternatively, each command can be accessed on the shellasync object instead:

var shell = require('shellasync');, cb); // etc.

See also: shelljs - Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js. shellasync is inspired by shelljs and the feature request Async versions of all commands, but is much more primitive and has a different target use case. Instead of writing JavaScript replacements for shell script commands, shellasync was written for mostly-interactive console user interaction with the shell via the asynchronous fs API, including non-native Node.js implementations of fs (e.g. web-based, remote, etc.).



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