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Extract prominent colors from an image in nodejs using sharp for image loading/processing.

This is a fork of node-vibrant that reduces dependencies/complexity at the cost of absolutely no browser support. This fork was created for internal use and is not published to any package manager.



// ES5
var Vibrant = require('sharp-vibrant')
// ES6
import * as Vibrant from '@livechart/sharp-vibrant'
// TypeScript
import Vibrant = require('@livechart/sharp-vibrant')

// Using builder
Vibrant.from('path/to/image').getPalette((err, palette) => console.log(palette))
// Promise
  .then((palette) => console.log(palette))

// Using constructor
let v = new Vibrant('path/to/image', opts)
v.getPalette((err, palette) => console.log(palette))
// Promise
v.getPalette().then((palette) => console.log(palette))

Contribution Guidelines

  1. Make changes
  2. Write test specs if necessary
  3. Pass tests
  4. Commit source files only (without compiled files)



Main class of sharp-vibrant.

Vibrant.from(src: ImageSource): Builder

Make a Builder for an image. Returns a Builder instance.

constructor(src: ImageSource, opts: Partial<Options>)

Name Description
image Path to image file (support HTTP/HTTPs)
opts Options (optional)
export type ImageSource = string | Buffer
export interface Options {
    colorCount: number
    quality: number
    maxDimension: number
    filters: Array<Filter>
    ImageClass: ImageClass
    quantizer: Quantizer
    generator?: Generator
Field Default Description
colorCount 64 amount of colors in initial palette from which the swatches will be generated
quality 5 Scale down factor used in downsampling stage. 1 means no downsampling. If maxDimension is set, this value will not be used.
maxDimension undefined The max size of the image's longer side used in downsampling stage. This field will override quality.
filters [] An array of filters
ImageClass Image.Node An Image implementation class
quantizer Vibrant.Quantizer.MMCQ A Quantizer implementation class
generator Vibrant.Generator.Default An Generator instance
export type Resolvable<T> = T | Promise<T>
export interface Quantizer {
    (pixels: Pixels, opts: Options): Resolvable<Array<Swatch>>
export interface Generator {
    (swatches: Array<Swatch>, opts?: Object): Resolvable<Palette>

Returns true if the color is to be kept.

export interface Filter {
    (red: number, green: number, blue: number, alpha: number): boolean
getPalette(cb?: Callback<PaletteResult>): Promise<PaletteResult>
Name Description
cb (Optional) callback function. Can be omitted when using Promise.
export interface Callback<T> {
    (err?: Error, result?: T): void
interface ImageDimensions {
    readonly width: number
    readonly height: number
interface PaletteResult {
    readonly pixelCount: number
    readonly imageDimensions: ImageDimensions
    readonly palette: Palette


Helper class for change configurations and create a Vibrant instance. Methods of a Builder instance can be chained like:

  // ...
  .then((paletteResult) => {})

constructor(src: ImageSource, opts: Partial<Options>)

Arguments are the same as Vibrant.constructor.

quality(q: number): Builder

Sets opts.quality to q. Returns this Builder instance.

maxColorCount(n: number): Builder

Sets opts.colorCount to n. Returns this Builder instance.

maxDimension(d: number): Builder

Sets opts.maxDimension to d. Returns this Builder instance.

addFilter(f: Filter): Builder

Adds a filter function. Returns this Builder instance.

removeFilter(f: Filter): Builder

Removes a filter function. Returns this Builder instance.

clearFilters(): Builder

Clear all filters. Returns this Builder instance.

useImageClass(imageClass: ImageClass): Builder

Specifies which Image implementation class to use. Returns this Builder instance.

useQuantizer(quantizer: Quantizer): Builder

Specifies which Quantizer implementation class to use. Returns this Builder instance.

useGenerator(generator: Generator): Builder

Sets opts.generator to generator. Returns this Builder instance.

build(): Vibrant

Builds and returns a Vibrant instance as configured.

getPalette(cb?: Callback<PaletteResult>): Promise<PaletteResult>

Builds a Vibrant instance as configured and calls its getPalette method.


Represents a color swatch generated from an image's palette.


export interface Vec3 extends Array<number> {
    0: number,
    1: number,
    2: number

constructor(rgb: Vec3, population: number)

Internal use.

Name Description
rgb [r, g, b]
population Population of the color in an image

getHsl(): Vec3

getPopulation(): number

getRgb(): Vec3

getHex(): string

getTitleTextColor(): string

Returns an appropriate color to use for any 'title' text which is displayed over this Swatch's color.

getBodyTextColor(): string

Returns an appropriate color to use for any 'body' text which is displayed over this Swatch's color.


Utility methods. Internal usage.

hexToRgb(hex: string): Vec3

rgbToHex(r: number, g: number, b: number): string

hslToRgb(h: number, s: number, l: number): Vec3

rgbToHsl(r: number, g: number, b: number): Vec3

xyzToRgb(x: number, y: number, z: number): Vec3

rgbToXyz(r: number, g: number, b: number): Vec3

xyzToCIELab(x: number, y: number, z: number): Vec3

rgbToCIELab(l: number, a: number, b: number): Vec3

deltaE94(lab1: number, lab2: number): number

Computes CIE delta E 1994 diff between lab1 and lab2. The 2 colors are in CIE-Lab color space. Used in tests to compare 2 colors' perceptual similarity.

rgbDiff(rgb1: Vec3, rgb2: Vec3): number

Compute CIE delta E 1994 diff between rgb1 and rgb2.

hexDiff(hex1: string, hex2: string): number

Compute CIE delta E 1994 diff between hex1 and hex2.

getColorDiffStatus(d: number): string

Gets a string to describe the meaning of the color diff. Used in tests.

Delta E Perception Returns
<= 1.0 Not perceptible by human eyes. "Perfect"
1 - 2 Perceptible through close observation. "Close"
2 - 10 Perceptible at a glance. "Good"
11 - 49 Colors are more similar than opposite "Similar"
50 - 100 Colors are exact opposite Wrong

NPM Tasks

Task Description
build:node Build node.js target
build Build all targets
clean:node Clean node.js build
clean Clean all builds
test:node Run node.js specs (mocha)
test Run all specs

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