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Shared Cache

Allow applications share cache-state and data over Redis.


function update_info(cache_key, next) {
    db.findOne({}, next)
Cache = require('shared-cache')
info = Cache.create('caching key', true, update_info)
possibly_stale = info.get();
info.get(function(err, definitely_not_stale) {


create( key, auto_update, update_callback )

Returns a caching instance from the singleton pool.

get( [callback] )

This function both returns and executes a callback.

  • In the event the data is not stale, both will receive the same value.
  • If the data is stale, the return will be the stale value whilst the callback is held until the data is available.

set( data, broadcast = true )

Update the value of this cache, optionally broadcasting the new value to other instances. This marks the data as not stale.

update( callback )

Add the callback onto a queue to be fired when the update_callback returns, and call the update_callback if it hasn't already been called.

stale( broadcast = true )

Mark this data as stale. If auto_update is true then it update_callback is fired. If broadcast is true, other instances are notified to update their caches.