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    Demo and API docs

    A complete and simple to use share menu that uses Web Share API when possible, with a fallback to a nice share menu that tries to emulate the experience of the native one.


    • Incredibly simple to use. Just set the title, text, url and via properties and call the share() method to make the magic happen.
    • Highly customizable. It offers a great material design UI by default, but it is also designed to be as much customizable as possible through CSS custom properties and shadow parts.
    • Compatible with any major browser. The Web Share API is still quite young, but the fallback dialog works on any browser supporting Custom Elements (directly or through a polyfill). Unlike the native share menu, the fallback will also work on desktop browsers and insecure contexts, so you will be able to offer a much more coherent experience to your users.
    • Lightweight. If correctly minified (read the note about the bundle size below), the share-menu element itself weighs 13.18 KB (4.34 KB gzipped, 3.76 KB brotli), while the icons weigh 12.24 KB (5.66 KB gzipped, 4.9 KB brotli), for a total of 10 KB gzipped size and 8.66 KB brotli size.

    Note about the bundle size

    The share menu repetitively uses some private helpers to avoid code duplication. As a standard, these helpers always start with an underscore (_), so you can easily drop the bundle size by telling your JS compiler to mangle all properties that start with an underscore (to be safe, I would suggest to only apply this rule to the share menu, but you might also get a smaller bundle size by applying this rule to any package, since a property starting with an underscore is generally considered private). For example, if you use Terser you might configure it in this way:

      mangle: {
        properties: {
          regex: /^_/,

    By simply applying this rule, the minified package goes from 14.92 KB (4.5 KB gzipped, 3.93 KB brotli) to 13.18 KB (4.34 KB gzipped, 3.76 KB brotli). Note that the provided minified version already applies these optimizations, so you can directly import it if you want to same some bytes without having to change your compiler configuration.


    npm i share-menu
    # or 
    yarn add share-menu

    Without npm/yarn

    If you don't use npm or yarn, an IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) version of the element is also provided. The IIFE version of the element can also be used if you're still on Bower (e.g. if you're using Polymer < 3). To use it, just use the unpkg CDN:

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

    Try it now!

    Try copy-pasting this code on your browser's console in any website:

    var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="module";a.textContent="import'';var a=document.createElement('share-menu');document.body.appendChild(a),a.share()";document.head.appendChild(a);

    ...or the IIFE version

    var a=document.createElement("script");a.src="";a.onload=()=>{var c=document.createElement("share-menu");document.body.appendChild(c);c.share()};var b=document.createElement("script");b.src="";b.onload=()=>document.head.appendChild(a);document.head.appendChild(b);

    Note: these scripts will not work if the website implements a strict CSP (Content Security Policy). For example, these scripts won't work on GitHub.


    Basic usage

    <share-menu id="shareMenu" title="Ohai!" text="Just a test" url=""></share-menu>
    <button onclick="shareMenu.share()">Share!</button>

    All the properties set

      text="More customized share menu"
      dialog-title="Share now!"

    Supported socials (in the fallback dialog)

    Here you can see the list of the supported socials, as well as the limitations that each one gives:

    • Baidu - URL and title only
    • Blogger
    • Buffer - URL and title only
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Digg - URL and title only
    • Douban - URL and title only
    • Email
    • Evernote - URL only
    • Facebook - URL only if not using Facebook JS SDK
    • FlipBoard - URL and title only
    • Instapaper
    • Line - URL only
    • LinkedIn
    • LiveJournal
    • Myspace
    • Odnoklassniki ( - URL and title only
    • Pinterest - Will only be visible if the URL is an image. Look for the isImage parameter on the API docs for more info
    • Pocket - URL only
    • Print - Only prints the page at the given URL
    • QZone - URL only
    • Reddit - Shares an URL if there is no text provided, otherwise a text with the URL appended at the end will be shared.
    • Skype - URL only
    • SMS
    • StumbleUpon - URL and title only
    • Telegram
    • Translate - Only translates the page at the given URL
    • Tumblr
    • Twitter
    • Viber
    • VKontakte - URL only
    • Weibo
    • WhatsApp
    • WordPress
    • Xing - URL only
    • Yahoo

    The via parameter will only be used by LinkedIn and Twitter.


    The icons used by the component are just simple SVG paths, so you can use them anywhere in your app simply by importing social-icons.js located in this package, e.g.

    import { twitter } from 'share-menu/social-icons';
    myIconContainer.innerHTML = `<svg viewBox="0 0 256 256"><path d="${twitter}"/></svg>`;


    The following custom properties and shadow parts are available for styling:

    Property Description Default
    --backdrop-color The color of the backdrop #000
    --background-color The background color of the fallback dialog #fff
    --title-color The color of the title of the fallback dialog rgba(0, 0, 0, .6)
    --ripple-color The color of the ripple of the fallback dialog #000
    --labels-color The color of the social labels of the fallback dialog rgba(0, 0, 0, .87)
    dialog The part assigned to the fallback dialog -
    backdrop The part assigned to the backdrop of the fallback dialog -
    title The part assigned to the title of the fallback dialog -
    social-button The part assigned to each social button of the fallback dialog -
    social-icon The part assigned to each social icon of the fallback dialog -
    social-label The part assigned to each social label of the fallback dialog -


    npm i share-menu

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