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Cameleer-contrib is an additional package for Cameleer ( that holds extra Task-Types, Controllers/Managers and various extensions.

Install via npm

npm install sh.cameleer-contrib

Note that this packages must be installed alongside Cameleer, because it imports Cameleer's namespace and extends its types. Cameleer relies on instanceof-checks that will not work otherwise.

List of current features

This list shows all current features of this package.

  • Managers:
    • AngularSimpleWeb:
      • An angularjs-based web-manager for cameleer that shows its log, queues and tasks and currently allows for tasks with manual schedule to trigger them.
      • This manager comes with its own express-server and supports web-sockets. typedefs and extended schemas are to be found in meta.
      • This manager is still in an early stage and will get more features and better UI soon.
    • TrayNotifier:
      • A manager that observes Cameleer, its queues and its logs for messages and posts them to the system's tray, cross-platform, thanks to node-notifier.
      • Configurable: Configure sounds and which events to monitor (work, the log, the queues). Also shows messages when idle or shutting down.
  • Controllers:
    • <none so far>; however, Cameleer comes with two built-in controllers. Please contribute yours!
  • Extras:
    • CameleerQueueObserver:
      • A class that can encapsulate a CameleerQueue and monitor all of its properties, its status, jobs, utilization etc.
      • Emits events in JSON-format and comes with/exports extensive typedefs.
    • CronSchedule:
      • A ManualSchedule for Cameleer that build on node-schedule and thus allows to schedule Tasks via cron!
    • UrlCalendar:
      • A sub-class of Calendar that can directly be constructed from a URL.
      • Supports any options that request-promise supports and forwards them (e.g. post- or authenticated requests).
    • MultiScheduler/MultiSchedule:
      • A Scheduler and a Schedule that were made to merge many Schedulers/Schedules, no matter their type.
      • Useful for Cameleer when a Task shall be run by different schedules (e.g. a Calendar and a ManualSchedule). The MultiSchedule itself is a ManualSchedule.
  • Tasks:
    • 7ZipTask:
      • A specialized task that runs 7z-processes to compress files. It automatically creates all necessary functional tasks, based on its configuration. Extra typedefs and schemas are exported.
      • This task also supports copying files/directories (recursively) by using recursive-copy internally. When compressing, setting a password is possible (can be obtained async).
      • Supports recursively creating the target directory, path- and file name substitutions (like %currentDate%) and emptying the target-directory.
  • Tools:
    • WakeOnLan:
      • An async function that supports waking computers on the network by their MAC address.
      • Uses the node package wakeonlan internally.


  • This package:
    • This package uses subpackage so that nested packages with their own package.json are supported. The angular-simple-web Manager uses that. However, some extensions (e.g. CronSchedule) do not require a sub-package. Please choose the appropriate solution for your contribution.
    • Please submit pull-requests and make sure your code is adequately tested. Starting from version 1.0.0 we will require a coverage of 95%.
  • Your own package:
    • Should you have your own npm-package, please notify us by opening an issue in Cameleer ( We will consider your package then and mention it in Cameleer's!

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