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A cli tool to transfer sf combo rules to nproxy format


Combo rule transfer for SuccessFactors project. Transfered fule file is for Nproxy

npm install -g sf-transfer
// transfer input.xml to ~/workspace/nproxy-rule.js
sf -i input.xml -o ~/workspace 

// transfer a bunch of xml to ~/workspace/nproxy-rule.js
sf -i xmls/*.xml -o ~/workspace

// append the transfered result from input.xml to ~/workspace/nproxy-rule.js
sf -i input.xml -o ~/workspace/nproxy-rule.js --append

// transfer the xml with specified dir to ~/workspace/nproxy-rule.js
sf -i input.xml -d your/local/dir -o ~/workspace

-h, --help             output usage information
-V, --version          output the version number
-i, --input [input]    Specify the sf configuration xml
-o, --output [output]  Specify the output

sf-transfer is available under the term of MIT License