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Setter is a small Javascript library with which you can set attributes on any object, and get attribute change notification ala Backbone - via the emmitt library.


Install via NPM npm install setter or Bower bower install setter.



var set = require('setter')
var E = require('emmitt')
var man = { name: 'bob' }
E.on(man, 'change', function(){
  console.log('Man was changed!')
E.on(man, 'change:name', function(newName){
  console.log("Man's name was changed to", newName)
set(man, 'name', 'dan')

Set multiple attributes

set(man, {
  name: 'jen',
  age: 5

Use the silent option (no events)

set(name, 'name', 'bobby', {silent: true})
// or 
set(name, {
  name: 'bobby',
  age: 5
}, {silent: true})