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Set v8 command line flags at runtime


Set v8 command line flags at runtime, which would theoretically let you enable harmony features at runtime.

Most of these flags probably won't take effect for the current context, so to get the benefit you may need to run the code in a new vm.Context.

Also, I do not endorse this as a way to do business, but as a potential stop gap to enable a crucial feature.

Either a string or an array of strings as if you had passed them on the command line to node.

Allows you to require a module as if harmony features were enabled, the target module will be loaded in a new context.

  • '--harmony_collections'
  • '--harmony_modules'
  • '--harmony_proxies'
  • '--harmony_scoping'
  • '--harmony_typeof'

Load the given module in a new context with the following v8 args

The set of flags either passed at startup or runtime

var sf = require('setflags');
'use strict';
let x = '100';
console.log('x', x);
exports.wm = new WeakMap();