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A simple servo calibrator to get your centre point right on a 360 degree servo


Install using:

git clone && cd servo-calibrator
npm install

There aren't many dependencies.

Windows users

This hasn't been tested on Windows with a terminal - it may work or not...


Wire up a servo just like normal and connect your arduino to your computer.

You can run the terminal application with:

$ ./bin/calibrate

Once in the application select the board you wish to connect to (enter with no board specified will do the usual Johnny Five thing and try and find something sensible). Once the board is connected, attach a servo by specifying which pin you've connected it to.

Now you can use < and > to move the centre point back and forwards until the servo stops nicely. The status bar will tell you what values you have.

Pressing S will save the current value and pressing will simulate a test whereby the servo will spin for 3 seconds then attempt to stop.