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Serverless Framework Plugin to download and run a pact stub service with a user provided pact file


To install with npm, run this in your service directory:

npm install --save-dev serverless-offline-pact

or yarn

yarn add serverless-offline-pact --dev

Then add this to your serverless.yml

  - serverless-offline-pact

How it works

The plugin downloads the official pact standalone on Your Computer and allows the serverless-offline app to launch it.


To configure pact Offline, add a pact section like this to your serverless.yml:

  - serverless-offline-pact
      stages: # Enables stub, based on stage parameter
        - dev
      filePath: 'pact.json'

See ./examples/minimal/serverless.yml

You can run yarn install && yarn test:all to see it in action

The above is the minimal set of options, the full options are below

      stages: # Enables stub, based on stage parameter
        - dev
      filePath: 'pact.json' # URI if broker params provided
      port: '9999' # Port on which to run the service
      host: 'localhost' # Host on which to bind the service Default: localhost
      logLevel: 'DEBUG' # Log level. Options are DEBUG INFO WARN ERROR Default: DEBUG
      brokerUsername: '' # Pact Broker basic auth username
      brokerPassword: '' # Pact Broker basic auth password
      brokerToken: '' # Pact Broker bearer token (can also be set using the PACT_BROKER_TOKEN environment variable)
      cors: true # Support browser security in tests by responding to OPTIONS requests and adding CORS headers to mocked responses
      ssl: false # Use a self-signed SSL cert to run the service over HTTPS
      sslCertPath: '' # Specify the path to the SSL cert to use when running the service over HTTPS
      sslKeyPath: '' # Specify the path to the SSL key to use when running the service over HTTPS
      noStart: true # Does not start pact. This option is useful if you already have a running instance of pact locally

See the ./examples/full/serverless.yml for a working serverless project as an example

You can run yarn install && yarn test:all to see it in action

Pact Stub Service Features

  • Start a stub service with the given pact file(s) or directories.
  • Pact URIs may be local file or directory paths, or HTTP.
  • Include any basic auth details in the URL using the format https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@URI.
  • Where multiple matching interactions are found, the interactions will be sorted by response status, and the first one will be returned.
  • This may lead to some non-deterministic behaviour. If you are having problems with this, please raise it on the pact slack channel.
  • Note that only versions 1 and 2 of the pact specification are currently fully supported.
  • Pacts using the v3 format may be used, however, any matching features added in v3 will currently be ignored.


  • Tests
  • Detect operating system and download corresponding binary currently downloads macosx, need to support linux 32/64bit and windows

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