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    A plugin to allow the provisioning of AWS Service Catalog products with serverless

    Serverless Framework versions

    This plugin is now targeted at serverless@2, if you are using serverless@1 use v1.2.1.


    npm install --save-dev serverless-aws-servicecatalog

    Alternatively you may package the plugin npm pack and install it with npm from the tarball.

    Add the plugin to your serverless.yml file:

      - serverless-aws-servicecatalog

    Sample Configuration

      name: aws
      runtime: python2.7
      deploymentBucket: serverless-src-1234567890
      scProductId: prod-hpzfzam5x5vac
      scProductVersion: v1.2
      region: us-east-1
      stage: dev
        product: 'my api'
        EndpointType: REGIONAL


    There are 2 ways to setup the example, using the launch-stack button or manually from your own S3 bucket. Both methods result in a AWS CloudFormation stack with outputs that will be used as parameters in the serverless.yml config.

    Express Setup using launch-stack

    1. Click the button below to setup your account. CreateStack

    2. Allow end users to deploy:

      • If you are using IAM users for deployment then go to the ServiceCatalogEndUsers parameter, enter a comma delimited list of users to add to the generated group.

      • If you are using role based authentication then supply up to 2 role names in the LinkedRole1 and LinkedRole2 parameters.

    3. Click Next, Next and check the acknowledgement checkboxes in the blue Capabilities box at the bottom

    4. Click Create. Then wait for the stack to complete and go to the "Configure the serveless.yml in your lambda project" section below.

    Manually Setup using your own S3 bucket

    1. Copy the files from the templates directory to your S3 bucket
    aws s3 cp ./custom-serverless-plugins/serverless-aws-service-catalog/templates s3://$S3BUCKET  --exclude "*" --include "*.yml" --recursive
    1. Create the Cloudformation stack from the portfolio template. To allow end users to deploy you will need to edit the params of the CloudFormation template:

      • If you are using IAM users for deployment then go to the ServiceCatalogEndUsers parameter, enter a comma delimited list of users to add to the generated group. For this example an IAM user is supplied using the SERVERLESS_USER variable

      • If you are using role based authentication then supply up to 2 role names in the LinkedRole1 and LinkedRole2 parameters.

    export S3BUCKET=yourBucketName
    export SERVERLESS_USER=yourAwsServerlessUser
    aws cloudformation create-stack --stack-name Serverless-SC-Portfolio-Stack --template-url "$S3BUCKET/serverless/sc-portfolio-serverless.yml" --parameters ParameterKey=PorfolioName,ParameterValue=ServerlessPortfolio ParameterKey=RepoRootURL,ParameterValue="$S3BUCKET/" ParameterKey=ServiceCatalogEndUsers,ParameterValue=$SERVERLESS_USER  --capabilities CAPABILITY_NAMED_IAM

    (note: trailing / is required on the RepoRootUrl param)

    Configure your Serverless Framework project

    Regardless of how you deployed the CloudFormation above, you now need to copy the output values from CloudFormation to your serverless.yml file. This is only covering the AWS provider section and assumes you have a complete config for serverless. See the Serverless Framework examples for more details.

    1. get the output params a. using the cli

      aws cloudformation  describe-stacks --stack-name Serverless-SC-Portfolio-Stack

      b. or in the AWS CloudFormation Console

      • in CloudFormation, open the Serverless-SC-Portfolio-Stack stack
      • expand Outputs
    2. under provider, enter the settings

      • copy ServerlessDeploymentBucket to deploymentBucket
      • copy serverlessProductId to scProductId
      • copy serverlessProvisioningArtifactNames to scProductVersion
      • enter the region, stage, runtime, and any tags as you normally would.
     name: aws
     runtime: python2.7
     stage: dev
     deploymentBucket: [deploymentbucket]
     scProductId: [serverlessProductId] # Or use scProductName instead if you want to target your template's name
     scProductVersion: [serverlessProvisioningArtifactNames]
     region: us-east-1
       product: 'my api'


    If you have modified the configuration and have your AWS credentials setup according to serverless instrcutions, you can now deploy as you normally would.

    serverless deploy -v

    Building a Custom Serverless Service Catalog Product

    Custom parameters passed by the plugin

    The plugin passes custom parameters for the following Serverless features: (see sc-serverless-lambda.yml)

    • Vpc: supports the standard Serverless vpc configuration in serverless.yml
    # serverless.yml
       - "sg-XXXXXXXX"
       - "subnet-XXXXXXX"
    # service catalog product yml
      Type: CommaDelimitedList
      Description: (optional) The list of security group ids of the VPC that needs to be accessed.
        Default: ""
      Type: CommaDelimitedList
      Description: (optional) The list of subnet Ids within the VPC that needs access to.
      Default: ""
    • Layers: supports a list of existing layers
    # serverless.yml
       - arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:XXXXXXXXXX:layer:node_js_layer:1
    # service catalog product yml
      Type: CommaDelimitedList
      Description: "(optional) list of lambda layers for the function"
      Default: ""

    Using Custom Service Catalog Parameter Names

    If you already have a service catalog product for Lambdas that has a different naming schema, you can still use that product. You can provide a renaming mapping in your serverless.yml file like so:

        stage: SomeCustomStageName
        name: MyLambdaParameterName

    You can specify any of the following properties to be renamed (shown here with their default values):

        s3Bucket: S3Bucket
        s3Key: S3Key
        handler: Handler
        name: LambdaName
        memorySize: MemorySize
        timeout: Timeout
        runtime: Runtime
        stage: LambdaStage
        environmentVariablesJson: EnvironmentVariablesJson
        vpcSecurityGroups: VpcSecurityGroups
        vpcSubnetIds: VpcSubnetIds
        lambdaLayers: LambdaLayers


    npm i serverless-aws-servicecatalog

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