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Serialised Error

This module attempts to convert an error object into a regular JavaScript object. This is useful if an error object has to be stored and operated upon.


var SerialisedError = require('serialised-error');
// assuming you have an error 
var someError = new Error("This is a test error");
// convert the error to object (new operator is optional) 
var serialisedError = new SerialisedError(someError);
// convert the serialised error to JSON 
// this outputs: 
// {"name": "Error", "message": "This is a test error", "stack": "Error\n   at ..."} 

Adding additional meta information to error

Passing a second argument as true to the SerialisedError constructor adds the following keys to the serialised object.

Property Description
checksum a SHA1 checksum of the error that is constant for same name, message and stack
id a random UUID (v4) of the error
timestamp the time when the error was serialised
timestampISO the time (in ISO format) when the error was serialised
stacktrace a prettified array of stack traces


npm install serialised-error;