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Simple module to handle serial based NMEA GPS devices

Serial NMEA GPS Module

This module makes use of the serialport and nmea modules to simplify data collection from a GPS device.


Install with

npm install serialgps


Simple usage can be found in main.js

//include the module
var serialgps = require('serialgps');
//create a new instance. arguments are serial port and baud rate
var gps = new serialgps('/dev/ttyO1',9600);
//monitor for data
gps.on('data', function(data) {

You may also listen for a specific NMEA message type, any of

  • fix - GGA message
  • geo-position - GGL message
  • nav-info - RMC message
  • track-info - VTG message
  • active-satellites - GSA message
  • satellite-list-partial - GSV message

For example,

gps.on('fix', function(data) {

returns the following...

{ type: 'fix',
  timestamp: '140554.000',
  lat: '5245.5061',
  latPole: 'N',
  lon: '00114.8934',
  lonPole: 'W',
  fixType: 'fix',
  numSat: 5,
  horDilution: 1.81,
  alt: 84.8,
  altUnit: 'M',
  geoidalSep: 47.5,
  geoidalSepUnit: 'M',
  differentialAge: 0,
  differentialRefStn: '',
  talker_id: 'GP' }