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Serial Number

A simple Node.js module for accessing the serial number (a.k.a. Dell Service Tag, asset tag) of the local machine. Supports Linux, Mac (OS X), Windows, and FreeBSD. On Amazon EC2 instances, it will return the instance-id.


npm install serial-number

And/or install globally for a serial-number shell command: [sudo] npm install -g serial-number


The serial number value is retrieved from the system asynchronously and passed to a callback.

var serialNumber = require('serial-number');
serialNumber(function (err, value) {

If the serial number turns out to be invalid (common on VMs), the system's UUID value will be provided as a fallback. To instead try to get the UUID on the first attempt, set the preferUUID flag:

serialNumber.preferUUID = true;

To prefix the system command with sudo use the useSudo method:

serialNumber.useSudo(function (err, value) {

For the CLI command it's just

$ serial-number

The CLI provides a couple options:

  • --uuid: Equivalent to the preferUUID setting as above.
  • --cmdprefix <prefix>: Sets a string to be prefixed ahead of the shell command to be run. Can be used to specify a path to the dmidecode binary on *nix systems if it won't be found in the environment $PATH
$ serial-number --uuid --cmdprefix "/usr/sbin/"