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Script for sending any video file directly to your AirPlay enabled device.

Send any video to your AirPlay device.

send-to-airplay is a command line script for streaming videos from your drive to Apple's AirPlay remote playback protocol.

With npm:

npm install send-to-airplay -g

From source:

cd ~
git clone
npm link send-to-airplay/
send-to-airplay <file> <optional:port>
$ send-to-airplay ~/Download/52.mp4
Sending /Users/youruser/Download/52.mp4 by Airplay...
Serving directory: /Users/youruser/Download/ on port 4007
Calling Play in:
Playing file 52.mp4 in your AirPlay Device

For convenience a 's2a' command alias is also created.

$ s2a ~/Download/52.mp4