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Use this library to remove all sensitive information from your package.json on installing before publishing your app

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sensitive-data-cleaner is available as an NPM package. You can install sensitive-data-cleaner in your project's directory as usual:

$ npm install sensitive-date-cleaner --save-dev



sensitive-data-cleaner is an utility for your development life cycle so you don't expose any potential information that can be used against you as user names, emails, jenkins or npm private registry paths.

When sensitive-data-cleaner exposes a cli called clean-sensitive-data

In order to make this tool work we have to provide some arguments.


pattern REQUIRED

In order to find the package.json files it's needed to provide at least one pattern, but you can provide more than just one pattern. The pattern accepts wildcards.

Single Pattern
clean-sensitive-data --pattern **/node_modules/**/package.json
Multiple Patterns
clean-sensitive-data --pattern **/node_modules/**/package.json --pattern node_modules/@scope/**/package.json
Using alias
clean-sensitive-data -p **/node_modules/**/package.json -p node_modules/@scope/**/package.json

verbose OPTIONAL

By default clean-sensitive-data only shows a message on finishing processing all the files found using the provided patterns.

On setting verbose argument it will show a lot of more information about all the files being processed, package.json information before stripping data, after stripping data...

Setting verbose mode
clean-sensitive-data --verbose --pattern **/node_modules/**/package.json --pattern node_modules/@scope/**/package.json

Build the source

This library has been written using TypeScript. If you need to use it in your project but you are not working with TypeScript you can always to build the code using npm run build This command will lint your code, run the tests and *compile to TypeScript.


This project is maintained by a community of developers. Contributions are welcome and appreciated. You can find sensitive-data-cleaner on GitHub; feel free to start an issue or create a pull requests:

For more information, read the contribution guide.


Copyright (c) 2019 Tomas Corral.
Copyright (c) 2019 sensitive-data-cleaner Contributors.
Licensed under the MIT License.

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