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SQL engine for Sense supporting Redshift, Postgres, MySql, and SQLite.

SQL Engine for Sense

A SQL engine for Sense supporting Redshift, MySql, Postgres, and SQLite3.

Note: This engine is not yet officially supported due to known bugs in the chunker.

You can install this engine in Sense using:

npm install sense-sql-engine

Database connection info should be stored securely in environmental variables (Project > Environment). For instance, if you have a database you want to call REDSHIFT, store the connection info as:


The driver can be postgresql (redshift or postgres), mysql, or sqlite.

You can then select the database from within a SQL dashboard or script using:


The syntax ${VARIABLE} performs variable substitution from your environment. You can then execute queries like you would normally:


You can switch between multiple databases in a single script by issuing multiple CONNECT statements. Connection names are case insensitive.

  • Make sure to always limit the amount of data you return using like LIMIT.
  • Comments are markdown formatted.