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Send mail without SMTP server


npm install sendmail --save
# or
yarn add sendmail


const sendmail = require('sendmail')({
  logger: {
    debug: console.log,
    warn: console.warn,
    error: console.error
  silent: false,
  dkim: { // Default: False 
    privateKey: fs.readFileSync('./dkim-private.pem', 'utf8'),
    keySelector: 'mydomainkey'
  devPort: 1025 // Default: False 
  devHost: 'localhost' // Default: localhost 


const sendmail = require('sendmail')();
    from: '',
    to: ',, ',
    subject: 'test sendmail',
    html: 'Mail of test sendmail ',
  }, function(err, reply) {
    console.log(err && err.stack);


Please checkout our great examples


Note if you were on any previous version before <1.0.0 You will need to start using html instead of content. Instead of creating emails ourselves anymore we have decided to use mailcomposer to compose our emails. Which means we can give you the same great package with the best mail composer package out there.

Mail Options

Note we use mailcomposer to compose our mail before we send it out so all mail options will be well documented Here. But for those who want something particular go ahead and search down below.

E-mail message fields

Below are a list of the most used options for email fields. Please read the entire list of options here Here:

  • from
  • sender
  • to
  • cc
  • bcc
  • replyTo
  • inReplyTo
  • subject
  • text
  • html

You are also able to send attachents. Please review the list of properties here Here


In addition to text and HTML, any kind of data can be inserted as an alternative content of the main body. Please check that out Here

Address Formatting

All e-mail addresses can be formatted. Please check that out Here

SMTP envelope

SMTP envelope is usually auto generated from from, to, cc and bcc fields but you can change them Here

Using Embedded Images

Attachments can be used as embedded images in the HTML body. To use this feature, you need to set additional properties Here

Questions, Comments & Concerns

Please reach out to Green Pioneer. Guileen is the original creator.

Change Log

1.0.0 Mail Composer

A better way to compose the emails while still sending them out in the exact same way.

1.1.0 Support for development SMTP

A property describing a port for a local SMTP server (see MailHog) was added. If the property is omitted, sendmail behaves like it used to. This feature makes it possible to test an application offline and for multiple email addresses without needing to create hundreds of mail accounts. - Special thanks goes out to gumannp for PR 21

1.1.0 Add DKIM signing

Added a dkim object to options that can have two properties: privateKey and keySelector. These options correspond to the options for dkim-signer. Added an example for these options. Special thanks goes out to download13 for PR 23

1.1.1 Readme fix

simple link and text updates

1.2.0 Added Support for devHost & devPort

Add option to override "localhost" when sending all SMTP traffic to a dummy server.


  • Add Testing
  • Please submit what you think should be in the plan