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Send emails with sendgrid and node.js! This sendgrid module (there are others) uses their JSON web API and the request module.


npm install sendgrid-web


    var Sendgrid = require("sendgrid-web");
    var sendgrid = new Sendgrid({
      user: "",
      key: "oh, like you need to know."
      to: '',
      from: '',
      subject: 'Hello world!',
      html: '<h1>Hello world!</h1>'
    }, function (err) {
      if (err) {
      } else {


new Sendgrid(credentials)

This constructor creates a new sendgrid object. The "credentials" object should contain:

  • user: Your sendgrid username
  • key: Your sendgrid API key/password

sendgrid.send(options, cb)

Sends an email. Options are the same as those of the sendgrid json web api. Common ones include:

  • to: The recipient of the email.
  • from: The email address to reply back to.
  • subject: The subject of the email.
  • html: The body of the email, if it's intended to be treated like html.
  • text: The body of the email, if it's intended to be treated like plaintext.


In order to run the tests, sendgrid needs a user, api key, and email addresses to send to and from. Before running these tests, open ./test/config-template.json, edit it to contain your credentials and information, and save it as ./test/config.json.

Then, you may run the tests with nodeunit:

nodeunit test/*.js

Author: Joshua Holbrook