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    When you work, maybe on your company. Everyday you must be send report about you jobs or task per day. Swear is anoying by me. Why, for what? But if its require, you must do that. Before you send the report, somethimes you must remember what you do in this day, better if you remember, if not? I think you open the sourcetree or trello, or whatever lah. So, why not create and send report base on commit?


    To install, On your root project, yarn -D add send-email-by-commit


    • npm & node


    Just run node ./node_modules/send-email-by-commit/index.js, then the script will create config file;

    • By default, name on config is userInfo from os and
    • Email on git config from git config
    • on .gitignore dont forget to add

    Run & send

    • To run, in terminal node ./node_modules/send-email-by-commit/index.js
    • By default, email doenst auto send, to run auto send read ## Email config
    • If auto send not work, read ## Email Secure setup

    Shortcut Run

    On package.json add this

    "scripts": {
      "daily": "node ./node_modules/send-email-by-commit/index.js",

    Afterward, yarn daily

    Email config

    On you cand find.

    "auth" : {
        "user": "",// your working email
        "password": null // email password
    "send" : {
        "to": "", // email will send to
        "subject" : "Daily Update {{DD MMM YYYY}}", // email subject, important: date format must like {{FORMAT DATE}}
        "cc": "",
        "autosend": false // if true, email will auto send when you run script

    Git config

    Basicly, this script get commit base on your email, so you need to set your git email, like this

    "git": {
        "getFrom" : 1, // Get commy by days from now
        "email": "", // replace with your local git email; To check user this => git config --global 

    Log Config

    by default when your run node ./node-module/send-email-by-commit/index.js, automatilly create dailyLog folder;

    "log": {
        "print" : true, // true for write you log per day
        "dir": "dailyLog" // dir name on your project

    Email Secure setup

    Application Flow

    • Get all commit
    • Convert to json
    • Remove unsafe commit
    • Filter commit by email
    • Filter commit by date today
    • Create html from json
    • Send email

    Ignore commit

    even you say, coding is game, coding is poetry. whatever bla bla Sometimes coding is not good lah, I hope someone know what I mean. And then, upon once a time, you create commit like this

    • git commit -m "F*ck feature"
    • git commit -m "Stup*d client"

    It's not good & very dangerous, canot la send report like that. By defaulr, I filter global unsave words, but you can add more like this;

    "git": {
        "ignore": [
            "undefined PM",
            "Merge branch +(.)",

    Change log 1.0.3

    • Initial Relase

    Change log 1.0.4

    • Add CLI for support when install global
    • Update git config email, now can get commit by many email, settings like : ['', '']
    • NEW git config getFrom, now can get email by day from now, default 1; Also you can set 'today' for just get from 00:00 to 23.59
    • Add new awesome template, v1 : by Nana Maulana

    Change log 1.0.5

    • Write default config on first run
    • Update log dir

    Base on Hastag

    By default this application grab all commit start from 00.00 to 24.00. Then maybe you want to just add commit base on hastag, sampe like this.

    • git commit -m "#complate: Create Home screen"
    • git commit -m "#blocker: API not work"
    • git commit -m "#issues: Force closee on Android"
    • git commit -m "#otherHasTag: Bla bla bla"

    To do that, ON PROGRESS


    npm i send-email-by-commit

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