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npm install semver-fs

Because when times are hard, sometimes it pays to resolve filenames using semver ranges.

For instance, in a grunt file:

concat: {
  js: {
    src: require('semver-fs').resolveFiles({foo: 'x'}, {basePath: '../lib/'}),
    dest: '<%= %>.js'

Assume the following directory structure:

- grunt_project_A
 |- Gruntfile.js
- lib
 |- foo
 | |- 0.1.0
 | | |- main.js
 | |- 0.2.0
 | | |- main.js
 |- bar-1.1.0.js
 |- foo-0.2.1.js

The foo directory will be searched first. If there are matches, the max compatible version will be selected. If there are none, the search will continue in the basePath using the following regular expression:

^{name}-.*(\d+\.\d+\.\d+).*$  // {name} is 'foo' in this instance

The foo version directories may contain index.js or foo.js files instead of main.js. The recognized paths can be modified using the recognizePath option, e.g., recognizePath: ['package/{name}.js'] to pick up foo/0.1.0/package/foo.js, etc.