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Semaphore Status

Check Semaphore from the CLI!

Build Status

npm install -g semaphorestatus


To tell semaphore-status who you are, you'll need to configure your Semaphore auth token. To find your auth token, click on "Settings" from any of your Semaphore projects. Then click on the "API" link in the main settings navigation. Then set export SEMAPHORE_AUTH_TOKEN='<API_KEY>' or simply run semaphorestatus -a <api token>

and run semaphorestatus

CLI Options

semaphorestatus --force-update to clear the project cache

semaphorestatus --project <key> to show a single project

semaphorestatus -a <api token> to add your API token

semaphorestatus --all to show all local branches

semaphorestatus --regex <regular expression> to filter branches by a regular expression

semaphorestatus to show only your local branches