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This is an npm package of a JavaScript binding for Selenium2 (AKA. WebDriver) from SeleniumHQ (see

Of the different available options to drive Selenium2 from node.js I liked that adapter the most. Unfortunately, there was no npm package for it. This is what I am trying to solve.


Have a look at the wiki of WebdriverJS at the Google Code page.

You can use selenium-webdriverjs like this:

var webdriver = require('selenium-webdriverjs'),
    client    = new webdriver.Builder().build();


See this small UI testsuite where I used the mocha test runner to run Selenium2 tests.


  • webdriver/*
    • The compiled output from the Selenium2 guys. This is what you get when you run "./go //javascript/node:webdriver" in the checked-out Subversion repo of Selenium2.
    • Symlink to Selenium WebdriverJS's Apache License
    • Updates the package: Pulls SeleniumHQ SVN trunk, compiles webdriver for node and updates the package.json version string.


If you have any suggestions (or maybe even a finished patch) for the package I'd be most delighted to add it. I also welcome other contributors or willing maintainers.

Anything relating to the fine code itself please see the issue tracker at the Google Code page.


I put my work (the mere packaging) in the public domain, or, failing this (in countries where this is not possible) publish it under the same license as the original code (Apache License).