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    Node.js Selenium Standalone Test

    A node based CLI library for launching Selenium with WebDriver support.

    Supported Drivers:

    Install & Run

    As Global NPM Package

    npm install selenium-standalone -g
    selenium-standalone install && selenium-standalone start

    As a Local NPM Package

    npm install selenium-standalone --save-dev
    npx selenium-standalone install && npx selenium-standalone start

    As a Docker Service

    docker run -it -p 4444:4444 webdriverio/selenium-standalone

    If you run Chrome or Firefox tests within a Docker container make sure you set capabilities so that the session is headless, e.g.:

    capabilities: {
      browserName: 'chrome',
      'goog:chromeOptions': {
        args: ['--no-sandbox', '--headless']

    or Firefox:

    capabilities: {
      browserName: 'firefox',
      'moz:firefoxOptions': {
        args: ['-headless']

    If you are looking for more sophisticated Docker container that allows you to run browser, check out the Docker Selenium project.

    Command line interface (CLI)

    See CLI docs

    Application Programming Interface (API)

    See API docs

    Available browsers

    By default, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are available when installed on the host system.

    Starting from v6.22 chrome, edgechromium, and geckodriver support latest as version.


    Examples of combining with other tools

    👩‍💻 👨‍💻 Contributing

    You like this project and want to help making it better? Awesome! Have a look into our Contributor Documentation to get started with setting up the repo.

    If you're looking for issues to help out with, check out the issues labelled "good first pick". You can also reach out in our Gitter Channel if you have question on where to start contributing.




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