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    A Select2 v4 Theme for Bootstrap 3
    select2-bootstrap-theme version License

    Demonstrations available at


    Built and tested with Bootstrap v3.3.7 and Select2 v4.0.3 in latest Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Mac) and Internet Explorer 11, 10 and 9 (should work in IE8).


    You can download select2-bootstrap-theme from this GitHub repo, install it using Bower or npm – required if you want to integrate the Sass or Less sources in your build process – or source the compiled CSS directly from CDNJS or jsDelivr.

    Install using Bower or npm/yarn

    You may install select2-bootstrap-theme with Bower, npm or Yarn:

    // Bower
    bower install select2-bootstrap-theme
    // npm
    npm install select2-bootstrap-theme
    // yarn
    yarn add select2-bootstrap-theme
    Source select2-bootstrap-theme from CDNJS or jsDelivr

    select2-bootstrap-theme is also available on CDNJS and jsDelivr.


    select2-bootstrap-theme only works with Select2 v4.x. Applying the theme requires select2-bootstrap.css referenced after the default select2.css that comes with Select2:

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="select2.css">
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="select2-bootstrap.css">

    To apply the theme, tell Select2 to do so by passing bootstrap to the theme option when initializing Select2:

    $( "#dropdown" ).select2({
        theme: "bootstrap"

    You may also set it as the default theme for all Select2 widgets like so:

    $.fn.select2.defaults.set( "theme", "bootstrap" );


    • Compiled with grunt-sass v2.0.0 (was v1.2.1).
    • Merged pull request #54 by @odahcam (and fixed it: :first-child/:not(:first-child)/:last-child for .select2-container--bootstrap won’t play nice in our case; we have to take the original <select> element (with .select2-hidden-accessible applied) into account): Select2’s border-radii now are correctly styled in Bootstrap’s “Input Groups” without the need for helper classes (.select2-bootstrap-append, .select2-bootstrap-prepend).
    • Fixed #63: "Cursor position of multiselect in RTL state is in incorrect position"
    • Fixed #20: "Select2 inside inline form does not fall back to display: block when resizing window to 'extra small'"
    • Added new Sass/Less variable $s2bs-btn-default-color/@s2bs-btn-default-color – defaults to Bootstrap’s $btn-default-color/@btn-default-color.
    • Docs: Updated AnchorJS to v3.2.2 (was v3.2.1).
    • Docs: Fixed layout for mobile devices (add meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1").
    • package.json: Fixed license-related npm 2.x “SPDX” warning: for npm 2.x and according to
    • package.json: Added bugs.
    • Built on Bootstrap 3 v3.3.7 and corresponding bootstrap-sass.
    • Prefixed all Sass and Less variables with s2bs to avoid conflicts and improve customizability as select2-bootstrap-theme does not "force" you to use (specific) Bootstrap Sass/Less variables anymore; a nice side effect is that we now also provide (a raw) documentation for the inherited Bootstrap variables in one place.
    • Added Sass and Less variables to override select2-bootstrap-themes default font-size, color and vertical padding for .select2-results__group. [#19]
    • Added Sass and Less variables replacing hardcoded values in styles for .select2-selection__clear, .select2-selection__choice__remove and .select2-selection__choice.
    • Added padding to root level .select2-results__option – fixes alignment of .select2-results__message and .select2-results__option--load-more. [#28]
    • Removed font-family definition for .select2-container--bootstrap .select2-selection. [#50]
    • Added Select2 and Bootstrap as dependencies in bower.json – fingers crossed, low hopes. [#52]
    • Added "repository" to bower.json.
    • Sass is now compiled using LibSass/node-sass instead of Ruby Sass (and grunt-sass instead of grunt-contrib-sass).
    • Decreased Sass number precision from 9 to 8 – now Sass numbers really matches its Less counterpart.
    • Added Grunt task to compile Less and altered Less test (via grunt-contrib-less).
    • Switched Sass and Less source tab size/indention from four to two spaces.
    • Updated development dependencies: Autoprefixer to v6.4.0 (was v6.3.6), diff to v2.2.3 (was v2.2.2), grunt-gh-pages to v1.2.0 (was v1.1.0).
    • Docs: Added "plain" (not nested in an <optgroup>) options to the "State" Select2.
    • Docs: Updated AnchorJS to v3.2.1 (was v3.1.1), Bootstrap to v3.3.7 (was v3.3.6), jQuery to v1.12.4 (was v1.11.2).
    • Docs: Enabled pagination for AJAX examples (in context of #28).
    • Docs: Brought back demo pages for different Select2 releases (covering all of 4.0.x via cdnjs).
    • Docs: Removed empty <option> from the "Select2 multi append Radiobutton" demo (which resulted in problems tracked in 11).
    • Fixed bower.jsons "main" field. [#45]
    • Do no re-assign the $form-control-default-box-shadow, $form-control-focus-box-shadow, and $form-control-transition Sass variables if they are already assigned. [#45]
    • Fixed version number in distribution files.
    • Fixed a bug where math would not compile correctly in Less v2.6.0. [#36]
    • Fixed version number for Bower and NPM.
    • Docs: Updated AnchorJS to latest version.
    • Updated all development dependencies.
    • Added Browsersync, Autoprefixer (as required by bootstrap-sass) and scss2less to the build process.
    • Built on Bootstrap 3 v3.3.6 and corresponding bootstrap-sass.
    • Rewrote the sizing class CSS to work with containerCssClass option available with the full Select2 build. [#34]
    • Added copyright and license information. [#43]
    • Added missing styles for .select2-container--focus. [#18]
    • Added support for Bootstrap's .form-inline. [#13]
    • Added basic styles for .select2-selection__clear in .select2-selection--multiple. [#11]
    • Brought Less source in line with the Sass version and fixed Less patch file and test. [3e86f34]
    • Fixed specifity problems with .form-control.select2-hidden-accessible.
    • Added Less version.


    The project offers Less and Sass sources for building select2-bootstrap.css; both make use of variables from either Bootstrap (Less) or Bootstrap for Sass. The demo pages are built using Jekyll and there are a bunch of Grunt tasks to ease development.

    With Jekyll, node.js and Less installed, run

    npm install

    to install all necessary development dependencies (Sass is compiled vLibSass/node-sass).

    • grunt build builds docs
    • grunt serve builds docs and serves them via Jekyll's --watch flag on http://localhost:3000

    Develop in src/select2-bootstrap.scss and test your changes using grunt serve. Ideally, port your changes to lib/select2-bootstrap.less and make sure tests are passing to verify that both Less and Sass compile down to the target CSS via npm test.

    grunt scss2less helps in converting the Sass source to its Less counterpart (and overwrites the existing src/select2-bootstrap.less), but doesn't do the full job – please review the changes to the Less source file and make the necessary adjustments.

    Copyright and license

    The license is available within the repository in the LICENSE file.


    npm i select2-bootstrap-theme

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