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Use this library to get a properted from a nested object using an intuitive 'selector' Main differences from existing libraries (such as this or this)

  • Actually works
  • In an intuitive manner that you'd expect it to
  • Less overhead (42 lines of code!)
  • More efficient (no nasty recompiling of regexes each time the function is called)
  • Handles arrays in a way you expect

So this last one's the most important one. What it means is that it behaves in the way that's most useful when it comes to arrays. Basically, instead of just picking one route, such as, it takes every route. So if you use selectProp(obj, 'property.value') on a data structure of obj = {property: [{value: 'foo'}, '{value: 'bar'}]}, it'll return you all possible values in an array, i.e. ['foo', 'bar']

This is really useful for gathering data.

In essense then, this library basically works like running eval() on an object to grab a nested property, except without running actually running eval() because eval is slow and bad, and also it returns you lots of data.


npm i select-prop on the command line. Then: const selectProp = require('select-prop') in your file.


selectProp(YourObjectHere, YourSelectionStringHere) If you want, you can also use an Array of strings as the selection string, just pretend like it's the string but split by '.'


const selectProp = require('select-prop');
const myObject = {
	value1: 'foo',
	value2: {
		nested: 'bar'
	value3: {
		nested: [
	meme: {
		helloworld: {
			prop1:	{
				prop2: [
						thisIsAnArray: 'hasMultipleValues',
						willItWork: 'Success'
						element2: 'manyValuesYes',
						willItWork: 'SuccessAgain'
				prop3: 'thisIsAString'

selectProp(myObject, 'value1')									// 'foo'
selectProp(myObject, 'value2.nested')							// 'bar'
selectProp(myObject, 'value3.nested');							// ['look', 'its', 'an', 'array']
selectProp(myObject, 'meme.helloworld.prop1.prop3');			// 'thisIsAString'
selectProp(myObject, 'meme.helloworld.prop1.prop2.willItWork');	// ['Success', 'SuccessAgain']

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